Clevertouch launches mobile management for screens

Clevertouch has joined forces with Radix to launch an MDM (Mobile Management Device) for its Pro Series and Plus Series screens.

The MDM provides centralised control as an optional extra, regardless of the screen’s location and can control hundreds of Clevertouch devices remotely.

Groups - such as c-suite, design studios, maths class, reception class, corporate boardroom and huddle room – can be created.

Clevertouch screens can be controlled from your desktops and APKs, policies and files can be installed. 

The MDM can push messages directly to Clevertouch displays and offers an anti-theft module so displays can be locked, unlocked and reset. Multiple screens can be shutdown remotely and can also be wiped. 

Clevertouch MDM can manage other devices in the organisation (Android, Windows, iOS and Chrome OS) from consoles such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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