Clevertouch Plus Series release date, features and benefits

Clevertouch has increased security on its Plus Series interactive display with the addition of user specific NFC fobs.

When the fob is held against the built-in NFC reader at the base of the screen, a personal account profile is opened to offer access to downloaded apps, files, preferences, screen settings and cloud services.  

Dual series pen for CleverTouch Plus seriesThe Plus Series, set for release in July, has anti-glare glass that is also designed to repel dirt, skin residue and bacteria. High precision touch now recognises points as fine as a toothpick. 

It can change the colour of the annotation depending on the type of touch and the colour change is programmed into the screen and not the pen. By recognising whether the touch is a thick pen, fine point, finger, or a gesture, a different colour will appear.

All the new screens come with a Clevertouch Dual Pen [pictured above], with a different thickness on either end. The Dual Pen also has a magnetic holder located on the front of the screen.

Dual-app functionality allows the screen to run two applications side-by-side that can be worked on simultaneously. 

The interface has upgraded to LUX 7.1, taking advantage of Android Nougat 7.1 and incorporating the fastest Intel Rockchip standard. Documents can be accessed and saved directly to Google Drive or MS OneDrive from the Plus Series.

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