ClearOne unveils UC tool

ClearOne is providing organisations with Collaborate, a voice, video and data collaboration console.

The solution is designed for users of unified communications software or web services for voice, video and data communications.

ClearOne Collaborate allows small groups in an executive office or conference room to converse and see each other while simultaneously viewing data from applications, web sites, or other local or network sources.

The systemfeatures an integrated ClearOne HDConference audio conferencing system, a 46-inch HD LCD monitor, an HD USB video camera, and a built-in quad core PC with Windows pre-installed. Collaborate is also available without an operating system for enterprises that have customized or bulk licensed software.

ClearOne’s Soundbar speaker mounts on the bottom edge of the video screen. The solution also includes a ClearOne microphone pod; and a wireless keyboard and mouse. Additional microphone pods can be added so that larger groups can participate in conferences.

Collaborate provides full PC functionality and enables users to create split screen modes where live video can share the screen with data and content from PC or network applications. Its design allows a companion 46-inch monitor to be attached side-by-side to the first monitor, permitting full-screen data presentations to appear next to live, full-screen HD video images.

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