ClearOne releases new DSP mixer series

ClearOne has launched its VTD series, including the Converge Pro 2 48VTD DSP Mixer

The Converge Pro 2 48VTD DSP Mixer features VoIP, Telco and Dante Interfaces and can be paired with ClearOne’s BMA CT ceiling tile beamformer.

The mixer provides a 10W amplifier, four configurable mic/line audio inputs and eight configurable mic/line outputs, with all models being Avaya, Cisco and ShoreTel compliant.

Built-in USB audio support is included, as well as support for Skype for Business.

The VTD series is also compatible with existing Converge Pro 2 units and existing P-Link peripheral products.  

ClearOne’s Converge Pro 2 mixers also feature acoustic echo cancellation, noise cancellation, feedback elimination, gain and level control as well as microphone gating.

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