ClearOne launches collaboration system and console AI

ClearOne has released its Collaborate Versa Pro CT system for BYOD collaboration and Console AI configuration software.

Collaborate Versa Pro CT is designed to be used with cloud-based services such as Collaborate Space, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Zoom. A Converge Huddle audio DSP is included with a huddle-compatible ceiling tile beamforming mic array (BMA CTH). The huddle DSP includes mic/line inputs with AEC, line outputs, 4x10 Watt power amps, USB audio, a mobile phone jack and HDMI with a preloaded project file for the most common room configuration. 

The Console AI features built-in audio intelligence and an AI workflow checklist to provide assistance during a system build. An AI project audit also checks designs, reports errors and provides warnings to alert users of potential problems. 

ClearOne AI

New visual language elements are included such as drag-and-drop, boundary boxes, mixer blocks and custom routing lines. 

Audio channel groups can also be created and expanded for in-depth control and can be collapsed for viewing and control. 

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