ClearOne launches ceiling tile beamforming mic array

ClearOne has launched its BMA CT microphone array ceiling tile.

The BMA CT features a built-in 2x10 Watt power amplifier to drive two 10-Watt, eight-Ohm loudspeakers, featuring ClearOne’s proprietary adaptive steering technology to provide room coverage without the need to adjust individual beams.

The BMA CT also includes on-board processing, allowing the BMA CT to perform its own acoustic echo cancellation, noise cancellation and beam selection, eliminating per-beam processing.

The ceiling tiles can be daisy chained via ClearOne’s P-Link, allowing up to three ceiling tile microphone arrays to be linked with a maximum of 200 metres between each array.

The P-Link also allows wireless mics, USB expanders and GPIO expanders to be daisy chained.

The BMA CT features a white grille and is available in three sizes: 24-in, 600mm and 625mm to fit conventional ceiling grid sizes.

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