ClearOne intros BMA 360D beamforming microphone array ceiling tile

ClearOne has unveiled the BMA 360D, the newest member of its beamforming microphone array ceiling tile family.

Dante integration in the BMA 360D enhances the array’s functionality by delivering beam audio on individual Dante transmit channels. Additionally, a smart-switched output is delivered on a separate Dante channel to provide the optimal mix of active inputs while enabling ClearOne’s full suite of audio enhancements, which include echo cancellation, noise cancellation, and level control.

The BMA 360D incorporates ultra-wideband, frequency invariant beamforming mic array technology with uniform gain response across all frequency bands. With proprietary FiBeam and DsBeam technology, participants experience full-fidelity audio across all beams and within a single beam.

DsBeam delivers clarity and intelligibility through sidelobe depth below -40 dB, resulting in rejection of reverb and noise even in challenging environments. 

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