ClearOne introduces Dialog 10 single-channel wireless USB mic

ClearOne has announced the immediate availability of its Dialog 10 USB, a single-channel wireless microphone system offering pro-audio quality with USB connectivity.

Offering wireless convenience, Dialog 10 USB is suitable for webcasting and cloud-based collaboration through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and other apps.

A USB Type C cable connects to any PC for audio, power, and control. The wireless mic system offers a frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology, with no frequency license restrictions worldwide.

The auto-scan feature finds open channels for optimal reception. And standards-based FIPS 197 AES-128 encryption ensures a secure link for wireless audio. Wide audio bandwidth provides superior speech clarity, and ultra-low audio latency significantly enhances the audio experience.

The microphone is suitable for a variety of settings including public events, live streaming, studio demonstrations, classroom presentations, meetings, and conferences.

ClearOne offers a complete range of microphones for these settings, with Handheld, Boundary, and Gooseneck, plus Lanyard, Headset, and Lavalier Beltpack options. In multi-user environments, each user can be assigned their own microphone to pair with a common room receiver.

The receiver has a large colour LCD for viewing battery life, received signal strength, and programmable microphone ID labeling. Microphones can be powered by common alkaline or rechargeable NiMH AA batteries – Charge via USB or optional charging dock.

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