Clear-Com adds HelixNet integration to Arcadia Central Station

Arcadia Central Station now supports over 100 beltpacks via an integration with HelixNet Digital Partyline.

The Arcadia Central Station system now supports up to 64 HelixNet endpoints, including HelixNet remote stations, speaker stations and beltpacks, with more than 24 HelixNet-enabled channels. 

A new, five GHz scanning tool is provided to display and recommend open frequency channels for FreeSpeak Edge transceivers and beltpacks, assisting audio engineers in deploying a wireless system without interference from Wi-Fi device traffic. 

128 IP ports are now on offer, allowing for an additional eight FreeSpeak beltpacks for a total of 40 supported, with additional intercom access through eight four-wire ports, four two-wire ports and up to 64 Dante audio ports. 

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