Clear-Com releases HelixNet Digital beltpack

Clear-Com has announced that it is shipping its updated HelixNet beltpack (HXII-BP-X4) for its HelixNet digital partyline intercom systems.

Newly designed and lighter in weight (by 33%), the HXII-BP-X4 wired beltpack uses Power-over-Ethernet to deliver up to 24 configurable digital intercom channels – allowing users to access any two of the channels on the system at once.

The beltpack operates over a single microphone cable for digital powerline or a single PoE cable. It offers one set of Talk and Call buttons for each of the two intercom channels, and up/down arrow buttons for program audio level adjustment.

It features a tough molded polycarbonate case that is 13% smaller than the previous model. 3-pin XLR and RJ-45 Ethercon intercom connectors feature on the bottom panel for connection to the intercom station. For intercom headsets, a four-pin XLR connector is provided, with a 5-pin XLR connector being available if required.

A micro-USB connector is supplied to update firmware in the beltpack. This can also be achieved automatically when the HXII-BP-X4 is connected to a HelixNet Main Station running a newer firmware version.

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