Clear-Com launches Dante intercom card

Clear-Com launched a Dante interface card for the Eclipse-HX matrix (E-Dante64-HX) at ISE 2017.

The card, which is compatible with Eclipse HX-Omega, Median, and Delta matrix systems, supports Dante and is AES67 compatible, allowing users to transport up to 64 channels of audio to multiple Dante-enabled devices using standard Ethernet network infrastructure.

The E-Dante64-HX Interface Card provides Eclipse HX with 16, 32 or 64 channels of low latency AoIP interconnection. It supports all standard sample frequencies for professional use, including a 96kHz/32-channel option.

The E-Dante64-card also brings benefits to live performance settings where Dante devices are used in a corporate event, concert tour, or house of worship.

The A1 or A2 on Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II wireless intercom beltpack can monitor or check any performer’s audio directly from the beltpack using the scroll assignment feature, eliminating the need of another audio engineer to perform this check.

Once the audio performance is confirmed, then he/she can immediately inform all parties over the intercom.

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