Clear-Com announces enhancements to HelixNet

Clear-Com has announced enhancements to its HelixNet all-digital networked partyline intercom system.

The latest features include binaural listening in the HelixNet HXII-BP-X5 beltpack, a six-fold increase in I/O ports, and direct connections to the Agent-IC mobile app and VoIP phones.

The HelixNet HXII-BP-X5 Beltpack now features binaural (split ear) functionality to enable program feed from one channel to one ear, while the feed from the intercom channel is heard on the other ear. This feature adds to the existing capability of mixing audio from both channels in both ears.
By connecting Clear-Com LQ Series devices to the HelixNet Mainstation via an Ethernet module, users can gain up to 24 audio I/O ports assigned to any of the 12 or 24 intercom channels in HelixNet. These additional ports supplement the HelixNet ports for interfacing with 2-wire and/or 4-wire intercom or audio devices, effectively creating a much higher density digital partyline intercom system. Since HelixNet and LQ are linked over LAN and WAN IP networks, users have the flexibility to move these extra audio connections to the next room or the other side of a facility. Signals from any remote devices are routed over IP to the assigned HelixNet end point(s).  
Through the LQ interface, any user on the HelixNet system is now able to communicate with users on Clear-Com’s Agent-IC mobile apps running on smart iOS or Android devices over Wi-Fi, as well as users on VoIP phones via SIP connection. This ability is especially useful in applications where core production team members on the HelixNet system may need to add a few extra intercom positions at remote locations or for contributing users; or for a production member to switch their comms connection to their smart phone or a VoIP phone in order to step away from their assigned position momentarily. This option is now possible with LQ. 

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