Clair Brothers launch C12 and C8 line array products

Clair Brothers launched C12 and C8 line array products, available with Clair True Fit Technology, at Prolight + Sound 2017 in Frankfurt.

The units contain new transducer technology reduces weight and amplifier channel requirements.  The C12, a double 12-in format line array; and the C8, a double 8-in line array can be ordered with a variety of horizontal waveguide patterns. Standard factory waveguides are 90-degree and 120-degree and waveguides between 60-degree and 140-degree are also available.

Clair Brothers also introduced the S2-System, a point source package. The S2-CX is a 15-in coax containing a 15-in speaker and 1.5AM horn. The S2-Sub is a 21-in format available powered or non-powered with a high power Powersoft amp module.

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