Christie to launch Octo Server at Prolight + Sound

Following the launch of the Christie Pandoras Box and Widget Designer Version 6, a further upgrade, the Pandoras Box Octo Server, is being unveiled at Prolight + Sound in Germany (April 4-7, 2017).

It features increased output capabilities, providing up to eight outputs at full-bandwidth.

Pandoras Box servers can provide an output configuration with 1-8 independent outputs. Each output can be individually warped and blended, allowing for mixed resolution setups.

All players and servers feature NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and Intel Xeon processors.

Christie Pandoras Box Version 6 features multi-user, simultaneous timeline editing, warping and content manipulation so multiple operators to work together on a single project in real-time. Widget Designer has also been improved with a redesigned HTML-5 user interface, a native HTML front end (including CSS styles) and animation and transition support for all pages and all widgets.

All Christie Pandoras Box Servers and Players have also undergone significant upgrades, with faster processing power, more memory, and expanded storage.

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