Christie releases Mystique version 2.5

Christie has announced the release of Version 2.5 of Mystique, an automated camera-based alignment software designed to automate the process of warping and blending multiple projectors into a single canvas.

With Version 2.5, Mystique Essentials and Pro Venue Editions offer two new features to improve overall image fidelity and uniformity in blended projector arrays when projecting on a flat or curved surface.

For installations where the projection surface is dirty, discoloured or non-uniform, Mystique’s new background compensation feature uses a colour camera to detect large contrast differences on a screen or projection surface and makes automatic adjustments to compensate for surface anomalies to provide a more uniform projected image, so the focus stays on the projected content, not the background quality.

Adjusting for colour and brightness uniformity across projectors in an array to ensure the blend areas are not visible can be a challenging and time-consuming manual process, especially if using projectors of different ages. With the new automated colour and brightness uniformity feature, Mystique quickly makes the adjustments with a mouse click, with camera-based accuracy, to display one seamless image.

Mystique is available in five editions, each designed to meet the needs of different applications: Mystique Lite, Essentials, Pro Venue, Premium and Large Scale Experience Editions.

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