Christie previews Christie View at ISE 2019

Christie showed its Christie View system for the first time

 Christie View allows four users to view different content on the same screen simultaneously, with the system permitting up to four inputs from a single projector. 

Each output is viewed by each individual user through active 3D glasses, being previewed with a Christie Mirage 304K projector running at 240Hz, split into four mono inputs at 60Hz each.

Each user views a single 60Hz output through shuttered 3D glasses, connected to an emitter and back to the projector.

Christie View is compatible with Christie 4K projectors featuring Christie TruLife electronics.

The system is compatible with Christie Mirage 304K, Christie D4K40-RGB, Mirage SST, with an upgrade path available for Christie Boxer 4K20 and Boxer 4K30 projectors.

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