Christie launches new Griffyn series projector with 36,5000 lumens output

Christie has launched the Griffyn 4K35-RGB pure laser 3DLP projector, offering 36,500 lumens output in an 81 kg compact form factor.

The Griffyn 4K35-RGB projector can operate at 44dBA in quiet mode, producing greater than 98% of the Rec.2020 colour space with RGB pure laser illumination. 

The projector includes Christie Twist, integrated for warping and blending, with compatibility with Christie Mystique automated camera-based alignment and recalibration system for rapid installation, alignment and calibration of multi-projection systems. 

Mirage and Mirage Pro upgrades are available for applications that require higher frame rates, offering 120Hz at 4K resolution or up to 480Hz at 2K resolution respectively.

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