Christie launches Hedra videowall processor

Christie has announced the launch of its Hedra videowall processor, designed for control room environments.

Hedra enables users to access real-time data that can be controlled from remote locations. The system uses Linux hardware and incorporates multi-view KVM to allow users to securely work remotely or centrally, switching between different on-screen layouts and configurations.

Drag-and-drop interfaces and customised layouts are available for arranging and controlling information displayed on a videowall in a user-friendly manner.

The processor can deliver data up to four UHD displays, supporting videowalls up to 32 megapixels in configurations up to 8x2.

Hedra is available in three models: Hedra Standrd, Hedra Pro-KVM and Hedra Pro-Video, with inputs ranging from nine on the standard model to 26 with the Pro-Video model.

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