Christie launches 1DLP 12k lumen laser phosphor projector

Five Christie launches at ISE include a 1DLP laser phosphor projector, additional Boxer projector models, 1.2 and 1.6mm pixel pitch LED tiles, and upgrade to Pandoras Box and new Q Series projectors.

The HS Series 1DLP 12K lumen laser phosphor projector is designed to address colour balance issues associated with laser phosphor. The manufacturer has named the proprietary platform BoldColor Technology.

Boxer 4K30 now has three new family members offering lower brightness and 2K resolution.

The company also launched its Velvet Apex series of LED tiles featuring 1.2 and 1.6 millimetre pixel pitches.

Additional 1DLP launches came in the form of the Christie DWU1052-Q and Christie DHD1052-Q and the manufacturer also announced version 5.9 of the Pandoras Box media and show control system, which adds a Cues Tab to keep track of cues of an entire show. Further additions include Patching to save time with a new workflow and user profiles for remote controlling the system via lighting desks. Kiosk Mode also reduces the user interface to support a range of users.

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