Christie introduces projector software

Christie has launched two software solutions: Christie Mystique Lite and Christie Conductor for the monitoring and alignment of projectors.

Christie Mystique Lite is available as a free software download, working with a third-party webcam to warp, blend and align up to three supported Christie projectors in a single horizontal projector array on a flat surface or screen. 

The software’s interface automatically detects the projectors and webcam, allowing users to mark the corners of the screen to align, blend and warp and image, with an upgrade path available to other Mystique editions. 

Christie Conductor 

Christie Conductor is a monitoring and control software solution designed for use with up to 256 Christie 3DLP projectors. 

Conductor allows users to diagnose technical issues, execute repetitive processes and allow operators to perform remote firmware updates of multiple projectors simultaneously. 

Health status of projectors can be viewed via a list or status map and users can automatically power up and down the projectors from a desktop. 

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