Christie extends Aspect family with Extreme Series LCDs

Christie has added the Extreme Series to its Aspect family of LCD video wall panels with the launch of four models: FHD553-XE, FHD553-XE-R, FHD553-XE-H, and FHD553-XE-HR.

The units include a range of brightness levels and feature an optional redundant remote power supply. 

Panels are delivered pre-calibrated and feature “Smart Light Control” for automatic brightness adjustment.

The units have OPS slots and can accept a variety of embedded processing modules, such as the Christie Phoenix EP.

The Extreme Series is suitable for government facilities, public utilities, security and surveillance, telecommunications and transportation as well as artistic and architectural displays, corporate lobbies, higher education, retail outlets, financial institutions, and arenas and stadiums. 

The Christie Extreme Series ships in January 2017.

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