Christie bolsters Mirage with WU7K-M

Christie has unveiled the latest addition to its Mirage Series, the WU7K-M. It features a full WUXGA resolution display and dual lamps.

The projector is compact and boasts 6,300 ANSI lumens. With dual-link DVI support at 330MHz full bandwidth and up to 10,000:1 contrast, the projector is designed to deliver crisp images, vibrant colours and uniform brightness. Its stereoscopic 3D display system is suitable for energy markets, life sciences, government, education and medical research.

Built on 3-Chip DLP technology, the projector has three modes of 3D input: standard frame rate of up to 120Hz, as well as frame-doubled content for maximum source compatibility and flicker-free operation. With the addition of a second input module, the Dual Input 3D mode enables the display of a frame-locked, passive stereo source for high-performance, active stereo at 120Hz. It features lamp life of up to 3,000 hours per lamp, power consumption of only 20W in standby, and filter-free, auto-sensing fans and temperature sensors.

Christie claims the Mirage WU7K-M can project on virtually any screen or surface, with a full suite of specifically-designed lenses and a standard built-in Christie Twist that enables image warping and edge-blending capabilities.

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