Christie announces next generation of J Series

Christie is targeting various applications within the rental, staging and fixed installation markets with the next generation of its 3-chip DLP Xenon platform – the Christie J Series.

The Mirage versions of the J Series models are active stereo projectors. The compact models are designed for easy set up and configuration. New capabilities include full native resolution 3D inputs of 60Hz per eye and triple flash 144Hz 3D.

Christie Twist image warping and edge-blending is included in the J Series, which provides a full 3D upgrade path and the ability to used existing legacy lamps, lenses and accessories.

Liquid cooling allows for operating temperatures up to 104 F (40 C) in Roadster and high power Mirage models.

J Series Product Lineup: Christie DS+8K-J, Christie DS+10K-J, Roadster S+14-J, Roadster S+18-J, Roadster S+22K-J, Christie HD7K-J, Christie HD9K-J, Roadster HD14K-J, Roadster HD16K-J, Roadster HD20K-J, Roadster WU20K-J, Mirage DS+8K-J, Mirage S+14K-J, Mirage S+18K-J, Mirage S+22K-J, Mirage HD7K-J, Mirage HD14K-J, Mirage HD16K-J, Mirage HD20K-J, Mirage WU7K-J, Mirage WU14K-J, Mirage WU20K-J.

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