Channel Vision releases noise masking audio amplifier

Channel Vision has debuted its IMA (Instinctive noise masking audio amplifier), featuring six audio tracks such as birds singing, waves on the beach and noise masking white, brown and pink noise generators.

 The IMA is built around the 100-watt one-gang box amplifier and includes keypad buttons for volume, sound track, fixed or variable instinctive audio levels, music or noise source selection, timeout feature from 20 minutes up to two hours or continuous 24 hour sound masking generation. 

IR learning intelligence is built in, allowing remote program IR codes to control the IMA’s functions. 

The IMA features ‘instinctive audio’, Channel Vision’s proprietary comparative program that ‘listens’ and measures background noise, increasing or decreasing the volume based on the ambient noise. 

Features for the establishment of a single zone system are included as well as for the creation of a multi-zone distributed audio system. 

The audio amplifier can also be integrated into existing systems via a Cat-5 audio input for integration with the Crescendo audio product range, including the full line of cascading amplifiers, multi-source matrix and one to unlimited zone system. 

An RCA output is also available for third party audio systems. 

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