Celerity launches fibre optic gateway products

Celerity has introduced a seris of Fibre Optic Gateway (FOG) devices to simplify multiple control signal connections for AV and network installations via a single Celerity fibre optic cable.

Celerity Technologies is now to begin shipping new products this month that adds Ethernet and RS232, IR, USB HID control signals to its fibre optic cables for HDMI. The new FOG products, as with existing Celerity Fibre Optic HDMI cables, also provide 4K @ 60Hz Ultra High Definition support.

The new Celerity FOG products are available in two formats, Control Box (CB) and a set of single gang Decora Wall Plates (WP).

Removable, adjustable mounting brackets are included with the FOG-CB transmitter and receiver. Celerity FOG Wall Plates provide an architectural alternative for in-wall boxes and fixtures such as conference table pop up enclosures and require only 1in mounting depth. FOG Control Box and Wall Plate transmitters and receivers are interchangeable.

Celerity Fibre Optic Gateway cable is sold separately from the transmitters and receivers.

Available in lengths up to 1000 feet, the FOG cable is plenum rated and requires no terminations. A mini-digital connector at each end securely connects to the FOG transmitter and receiver.

Celerity Technologies is available through RGB Communications.

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