Cayin’s products demonstrate commitment to digital signage

Cayin Technology has completed its SMP-Webplus family with two products designed to tackle a rapidly expanding digital signage market. The touch-enabled player SMP-Webplus-T and DVI-supported player, SMP-Webplus (LB-500) are claimed to meet the demands of interactive and web-based digital signage respectively.

SMP-Webplus-T supports HID Compliance touch panel devices and is verified with touch panels from Elo, Lumio, and NextWindow. By incorporating players with compatible touch panels, an interactive public display network can be created.

SMP-Webplus (LB-500) is claimed to enhance the web-based digital signage player family for more applications. Compared to the original product, LB-500 is lighter and more compact.

The SMP-WEBPLUS family supports HTML, Flash, JPG, HD (high definition) video, and can stream video playback in both landscape and portrait presentations. Most popular web languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, Flash, DHTML, CSS, etc. and most popular image file formats including audio/video codec are accepted.

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