Cast launches Vivien2015 live events software

Cast Software has announced its Vivien2015 virtual event designer is available for immediate download from Vivien’s Member’s Only Area.

New features include an improved ability to handle reflective surfaces, and the addition of new library objects (more trees and shrubbery, spiritual and religious objects and furniture, table centerpieces, floral arrangements) to make event designs more complete.

The addition of virtual view profiles means that different combinations of Virtual View settings can be saved for different situations and scenarios so they are easily accessible in future.
In Vivien 2015 event paperwork and proposals and other administrative tasks are more efficient. Vivien2015 has been tuned up to better collect and present data that can be used for secondary operations like costing and billing. For example, saving a price list of each item of furniture, rental equipment and such, including details about suppliers, costs as well as pricing and charges.

Only valid Members can download Vivien2015. To renew a Lease or Membership, log in to Vivien’s Member’s Only Area.

New leases and purchases available through the web store.