Casio updates Slim series of laser projectors

Casio has updated its line of Slim projectors, which now measure 1.7in thick and offer a 30 per cent increase in light output than before.

Now in its 5th generation, the improved Laser and LED hybrid light source has a lifespan of 20,000 hours and offers remote operation through Crestron Roomview, Intelligent Brightness Control, wired LAN projection and MobiShow, which enables users to make presentations wirelessly via any smartphone, computer or other mobile device equipped with wireless LAN capabilities.

Each model is fitted with a fully connectable interface, including three types of video and audio inputs, as well as HDMI, RGB and RS-232C terminals.
Equipped with 2 GB of built-in memory, the new SLIM projectors allow file formats such as PDF and QuickTime. They can also display content from a PC by connecting the projector and PC through a USB cable.

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