Casio goes lean and green

Casio Computer Co. showed off its recently released mercury-free, high-brightness projector line at last week’s ISE. The Green Slim range use mercury-free lasers and an LED hybrid light source.

Casio says its mercury-free hybrid light source is capable of generating high brightness by combining a laser, a phosphor and an LED. The company describes the innovation as “groundbreaking” and claims a high green light output by efficiently converting blue laser light into green light using the phosphor.

The high-brightness light of 2000 or more ANSI lumens is achieved by projecting blue laser light, green light converted from blue laser light with the phosphor, and light emitted by a red LED through a DLP chip onto the screen.


  • compact design with the body no bigger than an A4 piece of paper, slim (43 mm) and lightweight (2.3 kg); 
  • bright colours through upgraded colour purity;
  • light source life of approximately 20,000 hours, nearly ten times that of high pressure mercury lamp projectors;
  • wide-angle 2X optical zoom allowing use in venues ranging from small meeting rooms to large conference rooms;
  • WXGA Real display at 1280 x 800 dots (16:10);
  • USB host function for projection without a PC and capability for wireless communication with PCs (XJ-A255/A245/A155/A145/A135);
  • projection at maximum brightness is possible within eight seconds of power-on;
  • no cool down needed when turning the projector off.

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