Canon launches two UST projectors

Canon Europe has launched two ultra short throw projectors – the LV-WX300UST and the LV-WX300USTi.

The LV-WX300USTi is the full specification, interactive model with an in-built camera allowing up to four infrared pens to be used simultaneously with the device.  The camera also allows interaction and control of projected information by touch and the LV-WX300USTi comes with drawing software. Canon has also made the ultra-short throw projector available to customers without interactive features in the LV-WX300UST.
The LV-WX300UST and LV-WX300USTi are suitable for projection in small rooms with limited space as they are capable of projecting an 80 to 100-in, crystal clear image from 28cm away from the screen. 
The two new models weigh 5kg, and offer WXGA (1280x800) resolution, with two HDMI ports and produce 3,000 lumens.  The new projectors offer up to 8,000 hours of lamp life when run in Eco mode.
The LV-WX300UST is available from March and the LV-WX300SUTi will be available from May 2015.

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