Canon enters large venue projection market

Canon Europe has announced the launch of the LX-4K3500Z, its first large venue 4K projector. This 4K DLP laser projector is compatible with a range of exchangeable lenses and is aimed at the rental and staging market.

Capable of projecting native 4K images with 40,000 centre lumens of brightness, the LX-4K3500Z is for big event spaces.

Tthe LX-4K3500Z is equipped with 10-bit colour processing to deliver over 1 billion colours across the DCI-P3 colour space, without any additional filters. Featuring a laser optical system, which encompasses two colour light sources and a phosphor wheel, the LX-4K3500Z features a 3-chip DLP, with HDR and 30,000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio.

For flexibility the LX-4K3500Z is compatible with a range of seven lenses which offer projection on 100-1000-in screens from distances of 2m-176m.

As Canon’s highest brightness projector launched to date, the LX-4K3500Z has two colour laser light sources which delivers 40,000 centre lumens. This projector offers four different laser light output modes, including constant brightness and manual adjustment, which can be calibrated in 1% increments from 30%-100%.

The LX-4K3500Z uses 3 x 1.38-in DLP panels for high native 4K resolution, giving 4096 x 2160 for 8,847,360 pixels output. Ensuring that 4K resolution content is faithfully projected, the LX-4K3500Z is furnished with a variety of 4K image modes that can be selected. This includes DICOM sim for accurately displaying grey scale used in medical education and large medical conferences.

Supporting complex environments, such as those in awkward or challenging spaces, the LX-4K3500Z can be installed in any 360-degree orientation, as well as offering portrait mode. Suitable for projection in auditoriums, the LX-4K3500Z boasts four corner keystone correction, corner adjustment and geometry correction software to eliminate distortion when projecting onto uneven surfaces, such as wall corners and spherical spaces. Systems integrators can adjust the image position without tilting or repositioning the projector, as all non-fixed lenses offer motorised shift, zoom and focus, while the lens memory function easily recalls specific lens requirements.

The optical unit and light source within the LX-4K3500Z are sealed to protect against dust , while a circulated cooling system employs a combination of water and air cooling for reliable projection. The use of an interlocking comb structure in the space between the lens unit and projector body helps prevent dust from entering through the lens.

A laser light source and filter-free composition provides a life span of 20,000 hours in ‘normal’ mode, with minimal maintenance time or lamps to replace. The LX-4K3500Z has a wide range of connectivity options including HDMI, DP, 3GHD / SDI, plus HDBaseT, RS232C and LAN ports.

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