Canford’s Tecpro goes wireless

Canford is targeting theatre, conference, live performance and broadcast applications with its wireless Tecpro system.

The digital wireless system employs EU licence-exempt UHF frequencies and provides full-duplex speech communication to a group of up to six users in an encrypted conference and unlimited listen only users. It is compatible with the original Tecpro and the new Tecpro2 wired systems.

Wireless Tecpro enables members of the group to talk to and listen to all the other members simultaneously, using wireless beltpacks. In addition an unlimited number of listen-only wireless beltpacks can be added to the system, for personnel who only need to monitor conversations. An interface is in the final stages of development which replaces one of the full-duplex users with a connection to a wired Tecpro intercom circuit, extending the conference to the users on the wired circuit.

The system operates on a primary UHF frequency of 869.525 MHz, at a power of 200mW maximum, giving an approximate coverage of 300-400m depending on the environment. A further two EU licence exempt frequencies, are user selectable on 863.500 MHz and 864.500 MHz operating at a power of 10mW, giving an approximate coverage of 80-100m, again, dependent upon the environment within which they are being used.

The main component of the wireless system is the TW401Wireless Beltpack, which requires a headset thus permitting hands-free operation.

On the front of the beltpack there is a blue LCD screen that displays status, battery level and other information including a visual display of those beltpacks within the group which are currently switched on. The display has an auto-dim feature that will dim the display after one minute, to conserve battery power if there are no key presses. Five touch-sensitive function keys set operating parameters. A ‘keylock’ function prevents inadvertent operation; the headphone volume setting may be adjusted to one of nine individual levels.

On the rear there is a belt-clip and a specially designed battery compartment that houses a high-capacity, long-life, re-chargeable battery, giving an operational life of up to 16 hours continuous use between charges. The flexible antenna is located on the top surface; the base has a Fischer 102 Series socket for connecting a range of dedicated standard or miniature headsets.

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