Canford announces acoustic racks

Canford has launched ES420 acoustic racks for installation into shared workspaces and environments where noise from racked hardware needs to be controlled and reduced.

ES420 cabinets are lined with melamine sound absorbing foam to reduce noise and aid in thermal performance. They are manufactured using a bolted steel construction, with maple-veneered particle board front-door and top vanity-panel. They are suited to use in studio, educational, corporate and commercial environments.

The products are available in 17U, 32U and 42U sizes. All models are 750mm wide and 1130mm deep. A fan module, plinth, levelling feet, castors and vertical cable-management are included. The cabinets are supplied assembled.

The top of the rack is connected to the base by six pillars forming the frame of the rack.  Front and rear mounting-profiles fix to flanges on the top and base frames, and are adjustable through the depth of the cabinet.  The mounting-profiles have two sets of perforations to take cage nuts, to fix equipment both in the open faces of the rack and accessories, such as shelves and chassis guides, inside the rack. 1U increments on each front face and are screen-printed with 'U' height measurements.

At either side of the mounting-profiles, the cabinets feature a double-skin side structure, with split, lockable access-panels. To the front of the side-structure are aluminium rings and large brushed-apertures, alternately-spaced through the full height of the cabinet. The larger side-panel can be removed to gain access to the cable-management channel. At the rear of each side-structure, a dedicated surface is available to mount PDUs. On 17U models, a 19-in PDU can be vertically mounted; for 32U and 42U models, two 19-in PDUs or one 32U or 42U PDU can be vertically mounted. Access to the PDU is achieved through the smaller side-panel.

All doors fit flush, within the cabinet, the front door consists of two 'wardrobe style' maple-veneered doors. A single-point cylinder lock provides security, complete with a handle on each door. To the rear of the rack, a full height double-skin steel door, with hot-air exhaust apertures, is fitted, complete with single-point lock and handle. On the inner-face of the rear door is a three, six or nine-fan module, depending on model, complete with thermostat. The thermostat may be set between 0-60 degrees C.  Power source: 220/240V AC, 50/60Hz, 7/8W per fan.  Power is connected to the module via a captive, unterminated, 2.5 metre cable.  

A maple-veneered vanity panel, attaches to the top frame, from the inside. The bottom frame includes a 250 x 150mm cable-entry point, with an integrated, rubber-edged, sliding-plate to hold cables in place and prevent dust ingress. Racks are supplied fitted with heavy-duty castors and levelling feet, 1000kg maximum load per set of four, and a 70mm modular plinth. At the rear of the plinth is a 300x40mm brushed cable-entry aperture.

Noise reduction is achieved with 20mm, non-flammable, zero halogen, anti-fungal melamine foam, compliant with BS 476-6 Class 0 and BS 476-7 Class 1. The foam is effective with a wide spectrum of sound frequencies. The internal surface of all panels and doors are lined, including both levels of double-skin panels.

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