Cameo unveils Otos Wash IP65 moving heads

Cameo has debuted three new IP65 moving heads, part of the Otos Wash series, launching the Otos W12, Otos W6 and Otos W3 for different event sizes.

Equipped with individually controllable RGBL LEDs, LED effect ring and multi-zoom function for up to three zoom levels.

The Otos W3 includes 7x50W RGBL LEDs, with the Otos W12 boasting 32x50W RGBL LEDs.

The SMD LED effect ring can also be individually controlled down to the pixel level, producing white tones and colours for a range of effects for use on concert stages and in TV productions.

Dual input mode can be used for more efficient use of DMX channels, in which each pixel can be assigned its own colour via pixel mapping.

 The Otos Wash series includes a multi-zoom function, with up to three zoom levels which can be individually controlled in order to adjust the zoom range (four degrees to 60 degrees) on several levels.

An integrated W-DMX and CRMX transceiver is included for wireless transmission of DMX and RDM data.        

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