Cameo debuts P-series LED profile spotlights

Cameo has announced its P-series, an LED profile spotlight range aimed at theatre, TV and event sectors use.

The new LED profile spotlights are available in tungsten, daylight and full-colour versions, comprised of the P2 T (tungsten model, 3,200 K), P2 D (daylight model, 5,900 K) and P2 FC (full colour model, RGBAL). 

The P2 profilers feature a light output of up to 17,000 Lumens and can be adapted to different staging requires through a range of optional, interchangeable lenses. A selection of interchangeable lenses are available with fixed beam angles (19, 26, 36 and 50 degrees) as well as zoom lenses for the ranges, including a 15-30 degrees and 25-50 degrees model. 

The P-series can be used with Cameo’s iDMX stick to control the LED profile spotlights via DMX, RDM and wirelessly via W-DMX. 

The P-series is expected to launch in December. 

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