Calrec launches virtual mixing console

Calrec has debuted its Type R virtual mixing console for TV IP-based virtual mixing The Type R for TV is driven by station automation, allowing users to access virtual workflows, with an integrated native IP core that integrates with station automation systems.

Type R is compatible with station automation systems such as Ross Overdrive, Sony ELC and Grass Valley Ignite, with automated programming and real-time adjustment of external factors via a standard web browser. 

The hardware of the Type R can be adapted as necessary, with three different panel options available and power by standard POE switches. 

A bank of six faders can be added, as well as adaptable soft panels such as Calrec’s large soft panel (LSP) and small soft panel (SSP). 

Calrec’s Assist web user interface can be used to access the virtual desk on devices, with Assist working over TCP/IP. 

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