Calibre image scaler boasts 4-sided soft edge-blend

Calibre UK has unveiled the HQView325 image scaler, which features four-sided soft edge-blend with multi-region black level correction.

It incorporates a blend algorithm in a dedicated blend processor and performs edge blending using a de-gamma and re-gamma process where the video content is converted to linear pixel data.  

Light intensity is controlled on a per colour and per pixel basis, in an effort to create a seamless blend even with greyscale information and apply black level corrections without causing colour-shift or gamma errors.

The HQView325 operates at 16 bits percolour per pixel and 48 bits total. Its flexible image-warping feature enables users to geometrically correct an image shape and map projector alignment on to curved and flat screens with ease. 

It is a single rack mountable unit with a front panel, OSD-based user interface as well as an in-built webserver for browser control. A PC-hosted warp generator tool is also included.

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