Calibre enhances HQPro1000 switcher scaler with eye on remote interaction

Calibre UK has added features including a virtual classroom option to make its HQPro1000 switcher/scaler more suitable for remote interaction applications.

It is built on a modular architecture and offers seamless switching and support for multiple sources and layers, as well as a confidence monitor output. Scaling is provided by Calibre's proprietary HQUltra technology.

The HQPro1000 now has the ability to create a virtual classroom. It can be set up in a chroma key studio and transmit four layers of educational material, with a camera used to capture the teacher/lecturer. The HQPro1000 now also supports adjustment of each layer - size, location, brightness and so on with single pixel precision.

Recently added input AoI (Area of Interest) functionality enables the user to define and focus on key details on a specific input source – the teacher/lecturer, for example. The HQPro1000 offers support for 4K (60Hz 4:4:4) and up to 30 presets.

The HQPro1000 now provides simple custom per-pixel sizing for LED displays direct from its dedicated menu. Configuring the optional quad 2K output card means that users can output the same content onto four LED walls. Alternatively, with advanced splicing, a user can merge irregular LED walls to create one single LED wall.  

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