Calibre debuts flagship screen management system

Calibre has announced the launch of its flagship LEDFusion Pro screen management system, offering 130-in and 163-in display sizes sold as either stand-alone units (A130C-15 and A163C-09) or a multi-system for advanced screen management (W236CF-15 and W260CF-15).

The displays use a dynamic power supply that ensures operation at 1600W maximum brightness (100V – 240V @16A switching power supply) with the A130C-15 stand-alone model.

The W236CF-15 bundle features a wall-mounted dual system using two LEDFusion Pro A130C-15 screens, able to be deployed and utilise splicing. The system incorporates ‘four in one’ LED modules, with front panel access for maintenance and service.

The system also includes an open command line interface using external control devices, with multiple display sources able to be used in a ‘daisy chain’ set up.

Up to 30 custom layouts can be used with mix layer effects, presets and live compositions can be added, with multi-viewer functionality for situation awareness and streaming in our out using an accessory box.

A web GUI is also available, with a remote control interface used for canvas set up and control to ensure that four 4K inputs can be combined to create a 4K canvas.

Pictured: Calibre’s LEDFusion A130C stand-alone unit

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