CADAC updates CDC software in time for PLASA 2014

CADAC is showing its CDC eight-32, CDC eight-16 and CDC four digital consoles, as well as the LIVE1 compact analogue desk, at this year’s PLASA London exhibition.

The company is launching the latest V2.3 CDC eight software, which brings new features to the flagship concert sound console, as well as exhibiting the CDC MC Router and MC MADI Bridge.

Features of the CDC eight software update include a Waves interface card integrated within the console, providing connectivity to the Waves MultiRack server and control via the console touchscreens. This allows up to 64 channels of Waves studio-grade processing tools to simultaneously run alongside CDC eight’s own native effects options. The Waves GUI is displayed for viewing and editing on the CDC eight touchscreen.

There is also support for the new TabMix iPad remote control App, also being shown for the first time at PLASA.

CADAC is also promoting the performance of its proprietary MegaCOMMS digital audio network.

All CADAC digital audio is transmitted using MegaCOMMS digital interconnect protocol, which provides less than 0.4 ms latency (from analogue input on stage, through the console, to analogue output on stage), robust error correction and advanced system clocking. The protocol provides up to 128 bi-directional channels of 96 kHz / 24-bit audio along with all control data and clock synchronization; all carried on co-axial cable with runs of up to 150 meters (492 feet).

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