Cabletime shows off enhanced IPTV range at xSolutions

Cabletime will show off enhancements to its MediaStar range of IPTV distribution solutions at London’s xSolutions show, October 19 and 20.

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), an industry-standard protocol, is now fully supported on all MediaStar Evolution 780 DMD’s enabling them to turn screens on and off via the interconnecting HDMI cable.

Direct IR / IP / IR routing from screen to head-end is also support. This allows signals from IR remote controls to be received by a MediaStar Evolution 780 DMD at the screen location and then routed back through the IP network to drive the encoder’s IR blaster function.

Users can control remotely located source devices such as DVD players, satellite receivers and cameras, as well as enabling “red button” functionality at the screen. Routing capability can be restricted to single or multiple screens and can route to either a single encoder on a fixed address or, in “follow channel” mode, to the encoder streaming the user’s currently selected channel.

The Evolution Media Manager enterprise software offers drag-and-drop control of all Evolution IPTV system hardware and screens, as well as enabling system managers to configure and schedule play-out of digital media, video and signage assets.

At xSolutions, Cabletime will be demonstrating a range of new enhancements, including improved hardware discovery, simplifying installation and system expansion and automatic channel discovery which places content straight into the media library. Also new is stream failover mode which, in the event of a primary-stream source failure, will switch automatically to secondary content, and IP jump commands which will allow for the immediate simultaneous display of video and messages to multiple screens or zones.

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