Cabletime’s software showcase

Cabletime will unveil its administration software at Infocomm, June 14 to 20, 2008. The manufacturer claims its MediaStar Drag and Drop control and scheduling solution will ease manipulation and editing.

The software, designed to work in conjunction with MediaStar EvoNet units, allows users to ‘drag and drop’ different types of media, such as Powerpoint presentations converted to HTML, live MPEG-2/4 streams, SD/HD MPEG-2/4 files, PNGs, JPEGs and web pages onto an EvoNet unit’s playlist.

Paul Reeves, sales and marketing director at Cabletime, said demonstrations at Infocomm would proceed the software becoming available at the end of the summer.

“This solution will be a fantastic enhancement to the MediaStar EvoNet streaming video decoder and multimedia player, handing over a greater degree of control and allowing the user to tailor the content appropriately,” he added.

Because users can set up the playlist, they will be able to use the Drag and Drop software to deploy co-located or dispersed EvoNet units throughout an IP network and deliver TV, multimedia and web content to suit the individual or group. In addition, a series of timed events can be set up showing streamed TV, HTML pages or web pages.

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