Cable presets added to Stardraw Design 7

Software provider has added a new feature, Cable Presets, to its design and documentation software, Stardraw Design 7.

Cable Presets provide the ability to set up, save and re-use custom data and formatting for cables, to accelerate the creation and editing of drawings showing AV system interconnections.

According to Stardraw's Rob Robinson, Cable Presets represent one of the most requested features for SD7.

It's a collection of settings that allows the user to predefine the characteristics of the cables depicted in Schematic drawings. Users can set cable colour, styling, labels, data attributes (such as start connector, end connector, description, model number, length etc) and the layer that a cable might be on.

Cable Presets are fully customisable so that any property can be adjusted at any time and, with integration with Cloud services, they are also fully portable.

Settings are associated with each user's personal account and stored on the Cloud which means that you have access your own personalised set of Cable Presets on any machine, anywhere, using SD7.

"How best to handle cables within SD7 drawings was the Number One Hot Topic on our user forums," adds Robinson.

"We're delighted to roll out this enhancement which is a genuine result of listening to our customers and ticks so many boxes for so many people."

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