Cable for all seasons

The Sommer Cable multipair SC Transfer highflex was especially developed for though outdoor applications and is also suitable for use on stage, in transmission vehicles and for permanent installation.

The special notch-free “Master Blend” jacket is resistant to soiling and easy to clean. It guarantees robustness and temperature resistance (resistant to cold temperatures down to -40C, warm temperatures up to +80C) via a PUR-jacket with the flexibility of PVC. A thin paired wire insulation made of “Special-TPE-Hytrel” as well as the tight stranding of the 18 x 0.10 mm copper litz guarantee outstanding audio transmission properties. The special X-torsion stranding technique compensates the typical bounce of the cable and the use of oxygen-free or low-oxygen copper also ensures high bending cycles and consistent values. The paired copper spiral shielding in connection with the tightly braided overall shielding made of tin-plated copper braiding prevent annoying interferences. The cable is available in eight versions from 8 to 48 x 2 x 0.14 mm2 wire pairs.

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