BSS Audio introduces Soundweb Contrio platform

BSS Audio has introduced the Soundweb Contrio networked control and audio distribution platform. Launched at InfoComm 2014. The Soundweb Contrio platform and its two initial products

Launched at InfoComm 2014 in Las Vegas, the Contrio server and Contrio wall controller range, are the first within the Soundweb Contrio family to provide system control capability and audio routing for a range of applications.

These and all future Soundweb Contrio products will be backward compatible with existing BSS Audio Soundweb London devices.

The Soundweb Contrio server is powered by an embedded iteration of Harman’s HiQnet software.

The Contrio wall controller lineup features four models that, in addition to advanced multiple zone control, can be employed in a room-combining and splitting environment.  The controllers are available in white or black, US and EU form factors and provide visual feedback for end-users to manage and adjust audio operation in a specific environment.

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