Brompton Technology announces dynamic calibration features for processors

Brompton Technology announced new dynamic calibration enabled features for its processors at LDI 2019 in Las Vegas, USA, with ThermaCal and PureTone being available exclusively to Brompton R2 based panels enabled for dynamic calibration.

ThermaCal compensates for the effects of colour shift brought about by temperature differences on LED panels, giving users control of how much compensation is required based on the panel temperature and environment, separating thermal effects from the optical calibration, profiling each panel type to understand its thermal characteristics for panel-specific correction. 

PureTone utilises Brompton’s dynamic calibration technology to allow each panel type to be profiled to compensate for the non-linearities to ensure accurate colours and neutral greys at any variety of brightness.
PureTone relies on Dark Magic to improve the quality of the image or video on LED panels operating at less than maximum brightness. 

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