Brompton debuts Tessera processor device profile for Bitfocus Companion

Brompton Technology has developed a device profile for the Tessera LED video processor that is integrated into the Companion application.

The device profile enables users of 4K Tessera SX40 and Tessera S8 LED processors, as well as Companion and Elgato Stream Deck in a video workflow to control multiple Tessera functions as well as other devices simultaneously.  

Bitfocus Companion enables Elgato Stream Deck to be converted into a shotbox surface to trigger a variety of AV devices such as media servers, video decks, matrix switchers, scan converters, vision mixers and more.

The integration enables Tessera features, such as LED screen brightness, preset selection, source selection, black out, freeze and test pattern selection to be access on an Elgato Stream Deck’s LCD display.

Colours can also be assigned, alongside texts and pages assigned to buttons to allow users to create personalised Stream Deck setups.

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