Broadcast Pix video centre software supports touch and voice control

Broadcast Pix has introduced Video Control Center 3.0 software for its Granite and Mica Video Control Centers, featuring optimised production control on a touch-screen and voice-automation control of switching and graphics.

It also includes virtual sets that can be customised and automated. Dual-channel graphics include Daktronics scoreboard integration.

Touch-screen controls include touch-screen friendly joystick and knobs to control robotic cameras and picture-in-picture (PiP) box sizing. New layering controls place content into key layers and moving them front to back. There are also new switcher transition controls and enhanced controls for selecting the built-in clip store, animation stores, and Harris or Chyron graphics system.

The new virtual set software enables up to eight cameras to have virtual backgrounds plus three key layers on top for PiP, titles, and animated logos. Up to three PiP boxes on an animated background can each contain a virtual set and any can be zoomed out to full screen. An eyedropper tool is used for chromakey setup. Broadcast Pix provides several backgrounds, but any photo can be used. Plus, the built-in image editor can crop and blur an image to simulate depth of field.

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