BrightSign unveils voice activated digital signage

Digital signage media player manufacturer BrightSign unveiled BrightVoice, a voice-activated digital signage system, this week.

BrightVoice allows audiences to interact verbally with digital signage using wake words followed by natural voice commands that trigger playback of on-screen content, music, lighting and other devices. The BrightVoice system is hosted locally on BrightSign players and does not require an internet connection.

Existing signage networks using BrightSign XD1034 or XT1144 media players can implement voice activation capabilities by purchasing the BrightVoice Command Model Service and a USB-connected microphone for each endpoint. Network administrators, working with BrightSign, then create a custom set of voice commands that trigger specific content responses when used in conjunction with the included standard wake word.

Further customisation is possible with the purchase of additional levels of BrightVoice Command Model Service, which enables users to trigger unique content, control other devices, and create customised wake words.

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