BrightSign Mobile launched for areas with poor WiFi

BrightSign has announced that BrightSign Mobile is now released on to the European market, with a modem operating at European cellular network frequencies.

The all-in-one system connects media players to the cloud in situations where traditional methods of network connectivity are difficult to achieve.

It is available as an accessory to BrightSign players that includes a low-profile regional USB modem with an installed universal SIM card that can connect anywhere in the UK and European Union (including Switzerland and Norway).

In addition, customers can enjoy a choice of data plans custom-designed for digital signage and exclusive to BrightSign.

BrightSign Mobile is designed to bring a new level of flexibility for installers – a player and screen can be installed anywhere there is power. It is suitable for signs outside buildings that are just out of WiFi range and where running an Ethernet cable isn’t practical, such as signs outside the front of corporate headquarters or retail premises and kiosks at the front of stores.

BrightSign Mobile also lends itself to networks of kiosks or vending machines where no Ethernet or WiFi connectivity is available.


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